We offer an assortment of birthday activities for you to have fun and cherish. It ensures that nobody at your birthday broods and seems dull. A happy party is the best party. Read More

Birthday Themes

A personalised theme makes the party a memorable affair. Whether it’s a kids party or an adult one, our party themes set apart your party from the rest !Read More

Birthday Decorations

Our Decorations are up to the mark and always keeping in mind your requirements. We specialise in Kids parties. Jungle, Superhero, Princess, Queen, Barbie and many more themed birthday parties are crafted by us. Read More

Venues Management

We choose the best birthday venue according to your tastes and your budget. The venue will surely leave you in awe and surprise all your guests. Our venues are always well decorated and up to the mark. Read More

Birthday Invitation

We offer an assortment of birthday activities for you to have fun and cherish. It ensures that nobody at your birthday broods and seems dull. A happy party is the best party. Read More

Baby Shower

Just welcomed a new member of the family. Let us plan your baby shower with utmost ease as relax and celebrate with your family and friends!Read More

Photo Booth Props

Photo Booths are a big hit nowadays among party goers. They allow for funny moments and make your party a big hit. With an assortment of props, it is a great way to keep the fun going! Read More

Birthday Photography

A Birthday makes for quite a few enjoyable moments and these moments need to be captured on camera. And what’s better than a professional to take care of all that? We provide the best photographers in town for our events.Read More

Birthday Party Catering

What’s a birthday without good food? Not a great one for sure. Our caterers provide the best food with a huge list of cuisines to choose from. You will surely be left licking your fingers. Read More

Tattoo Artist

Wish to get inked at your own birthday? We’ve got it covered with great tattoo artists with years of experience in beautiful and sophisticated designs. Read More


Magicians are among the most pleasant forms of entertainment in a kid’s birthday party. We provide the most versatile artists who are caring as well as talented. The kids will have a great time! Read More

Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes need to be more than just delicious. Our cakes are good to eat and good to look at as well. We provide them in every size and shape to suit your needs.Read More

Dj Setup

We complete any party with great music and sound to have everyone tapping their feet. It comes with a whole DJ setup and dance area. Let’s rock the party! Read More


Female Anchors are known for their vivacious character and crowd-pleasing performances. We can provide you their services at the best price. We appreciate if you book in advance. Read More

Cartoon Character

Want to have a Donald Duck or Winnie the Pooh at your kid’s birthday party. Rest assured we will arrange it for you to leave the kids in awe and surprise. Read More

Puppet Show

Puppet shows have been an essential part of entertainment since a long time. If you wish to relieve your childhood at your kids party, just tell us and we will take care of the rest. Read More

Game Coordinator

We so many options and the need to cater to so many guests, it often gets confusing and tedious to organise the event. Our Game Coordinator will help you plan the event and will assist you in every step of the way. Read More

Mimicry Artist

Mimicry is an art much appreciated in different parts of the world. We bring you the experience and the joy of seeing a professional at his work at your event. Read More


Comedy shows are a big hit among both friends and family. Even little kids have a great time listening to his jokes. We provide the best comedians at all our events. Read More

Nail Art Artist

Nail decorations are a big hit in kitty parties. Our artists are creative and professional. They craft the most exquisite and eye pleasing designs. Read More

Live Bands

Live bands add the much-needed aura and glitz to a birthday party. Who doesn’t like their favourite song sung to them in the nicest of ways? We make that happen for you !Read More